Education & Integration Services


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Education & Integration Services

Our Mission: Empowering people to discover their directions for life in a changing world

Our Vision: Southeastern is committed to providing hope for today, growth for tomorrow, and directions for life.

Southeastern’s Education and Integration Services Department is certified by the South Dakota Division of Developmental Disabilities as a Community Support Provider with the ability to serve children and adults with developmental disabilities. Additionally, Education and Integration Services is recognized as an approved educational service provider by the South Dakota and Iowa Departments of Education. Special education services are provided in cooperation with each student’s local school district and may be provided as long as students are eligible for services under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Education and Integration Services is also accredited by the National Council on Quality and Leadership.

  • Special Education Services tailored to meet each student’s individual needs.
  • Adult Day Services which includes vocational, life skills, social and leisure training and activities emphasizing being in and part of the community.
  • Home-Based Services focuses on specific goals to increase community based skills for children or adults not receiving live-in residential services.
  • Service Coordination to ensure each person is accessing the services and supports necessary to meet their life goals.
  • Nursing Services to help people achieve and maintain the best health possible.
  • Consultation Services available to school districts and other service providers to help meet the unique needs of people they are serving.
  • Transitional Services designed to meet the needs of students transitioning from services and supports provided by their local school district to the adult service delivery system.
  • Special Requests welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and their family members to explore ways to meet personal goals in non-traditional ways.